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Why are you an Illustrator?
From College time the topic in which I found my interest was illustration. I started experimenting and creating various styles in it, it was all fun and fantasy doing illustrations. I found out that I can do much more with illustrations….so here I have reached….as an Illustrator.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
Yes, I have completed my Applied Art from L.S. Raheja School of Art, Bandra.

You have a distinct style of illustration. How long did it take you to develop your style?
Actually it can’t be measured in time. Each and every time I keep on trying for some different illustration styles, but once it is cracked…nothing like that.

Were there any particular role models for you when you grew up?
None in particular, but have got inspiration from many people in some or the other way.

Who was the most influential personality on your career in Illustrations?
Deelip Khomane.

Have you worked for advertising campaigns? When did you start freelancing?
Yes, I have worked for advertising campaigns. I used to work on small freelancing projects while working in an agency , but have started full fledged freelancing a year before.

Are many advertising agencies getting illustrations made these days? Do you work more with agencies or publishers?
Yes  they do, currently I am working on a fashion brand.
I have worked more with agencies.

Was there any time when you wanted to quit Illustrations?
No, never

Have you considered turning your illustrations into toys?
No, I have not, but now I think it’s a great idea.

Any other Indian Illustrators who you admire?
Mario Miranda , R. K. Laxman.

Do you have any favorite fellow illustrators or resources relating to your fields?
Pranav Bhide and Avinash Bhalerao.

What advice do you have for aspiring creative professionals? Would you advise them to take on Illustration as a career option? Is it paying well enough?
In creative field we need to deal with creative ideas everyday, Always observe the things around you, as inspiration can be taken from anything. So, try not to forget whatever you observe.

Well, in illustration you can develop your own style, you can enjoy a lot doing illustration if you take it as a play and not work.

Yes it pays well, but then again it depends on the quality of work you provide.
Sometimes, the client want to invest less in project, but if the work you think is interesting you can go for it, at least you can get a good work for your portfolio.

Tell us something about one of your personal projects
I like to experiment various things, I like to do photography and short films whenever I get time.

What is your dream project?
Illustration on dreams.

Who would you like to take out for dinner?
My Mother

What’s on your iPod?
Sneha Khanwalkar’s all songs.

Mac or PC?

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