2 thoughts on “Rotomac by DDB Mudra

  1. Ganapathy says:

    Lazy creative direction. I could create a masterpiece on a balloon using a regular ball point pen without worrying about the balloon bursting ever. When you press any felt tip against inflated expanded rubber, the area around the tip absorbs the pressure (being rubber) so actually, the only way you can burst a balloon is to use a sharp pin point and pierce it.

  2. narayan says:

    @Ganapathy : if this was created using a ball point pen, the balloon COULD burst, With felt-tip, it will never. But the thing is, the illustration was never made on the balloon because it was made on paper, scanned, and applied to the balloon in Photoshop. Its clearly evident. Poor execution.

    Agencies today should outsource talent, since so little is left in-house.

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