Response: 7 Horses, 7 Powers

Response, Kolkata, starts a new innings with a new fervour and a heritage of great work:

7 is a significant number. 7 days of the week, 7 colours to a rainbow, 7 musical notes . . . the list is endless.
Not to miss, the 7 sacred rounds of an Indian bride and her groom.
Calcutta’s parched advertising scene is struck by thunder, with Response unleashing a potent combine of 7 powerhouses. They are geared to take advertising to the next level.

Sidhartha Roy, CEO and Rashi Ray, Owner-Director decided to give wings to the deep roots of this quintessential Calcutta agency.
In a short time, minds met and alliances happened, resulting in the onboarding of five of the citys top advertising heavyweights.
Anurag Hira as Mentor, Joy Aichbhowmik as Executive Creative Director, Partha Chowdhury and Shibnath Sen as Creative Consultants, and Rohan Basu as Consultant Executive Producer.
The combined horsepower of these 7 seasoned stalwarts is revving
Response as it is poised to gallop nationally.
Response India

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