Rahul Mathew : My First Break In Advertising

I didn’t land my first job in advertising, I wandered into it.

Out of a graduate level B-school, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do.

And my confusion translated into panic for my parents who convinced a family friend to get me an internship with the production department at Timex.

I thought why not.
But a few months into making sales forecasts and production schedules, I knew this wasn’t for me.
It was then that some other interns who had been interacting with me, suggested advertising.

Again I thought, why not.
Media planning was a subject at college. And I thought media planner is what I should be. But Anthem (now TBWA) only had opening for a servicing intern.

The same thought, why not.
But many of my bosses in servicing could tell me why exactly “not”. I was politely asked to leave six months into my internship. A writer who had been interacting with me thought I should try my hand at copywriting.

You can guess what I thought.

And 3 copy tests later, I was in front of my first brochure brief at JWT, delhi.

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