Channel V “Behind the Sins”

(An old post from 2012) In a world as fascinating and aspirational and glamorous like our Bollywood, so

Splash Brand Identity by Anoop V Chalil

Anoop.V.Chalil, an independent Brand Identity Specialist and Design Expert has more than 10 years experience in reputed brand

BrandsJuly 14, 20160

Vaydehi Khandelwal : Photography

Vaydehi Khandelwal known as Camerawaali held a camera at the age of thirteen and knew it would be

Adidas by DDB Mudra Delhi

Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra, Delhi, India Chief Creative Officer: Sonal Dabral Creative Head: Sambit Mohanty Creative Director: Subhashish

Prasad Kelkar : llustrator, Motion Designer and Art Director

Prasad Kelkar is a Mumbai based Illustrator, Motion Designer and Art Director. After graduating from Sir. J.J. Institute

#EmojiSentime : Observing Sentiments of Emojis

A few students from Miami Ad School and Wyncode Academy who just happen to be really intrigued by the evolving role of emoji in modern-day communication decided to create a site that measures the sentiment of topics on twitter by using emojis. With Emoji Sentiment you can find whether the sentiment regarding a topic is

DigitalJuly 1, 20161

The Connecting the Dots website by Athena Infonomics

Athena Infonomics recently did a project on Climate Change called Connecting the Dots commissioned to us by British

@TravelBot by BBR Saatchi : Innovation in Digital

So you decided last night you’re going to the Cannes Advertising Festival after all but didn’t get a chance to book your hotel. No problem! All you gotta do is message @TraveloBot on Facebook and he’ll do the rest for you. Launched at the Cannes Advertising Festival, with a billboard strategically placed at the entrance

Riddhi Parekh : Photography

Riddhi sees frames everywhere, not just because she is a photographer, she always saw them. She see people,

Billboard for Paradise Restaurant by Doo Creative

Client: Paradise Restaurant  Advertising Agency: Doo Creative Creative Director: T V Prasad Art Director: T V Prasad, B P Sarathy  Copywriter: Viswaprasad Raju Account Manager: Rohit Chakravorty 

Adobe Make It Everywhere Tour, Mumbai

Discover the very best in creativity at India’s biggest creativity event – MAKE IT Everywhere on 30 June

Super-Pharm Israel Beauty Academy

As the leading beauty, cosmetics retailer in the country, Super-Pharm Israel is proud to announce the launch of its YouTube “Beauty Academy”. An academy which will mold and instruct Israel’s next generation of beauty vloggers. Like in other parts of the world, online video searches for beauty& cosmetic reviews and tutorials has reached gargantuan proportions.

Sharandhar by Xebec, Pune

Advertising Agency: Xebec Communications, Pune, India Creative Director: Ashish Sadare Art Directors: Ashish Sadare, Vijay Kumbhar Copywriters: Ashish

Amish Sabharwal : In a chat with a Creative Director

Amish Sabharwal, one of the lost children of the bridge generation has desperately tried to do nothing and