MadWomen PodCast by Miami AdSchool Students

Advertised brand: MadWomen Podcast Advert title(s): MadWomen Podcast Headline and copy text (in English): A podcast with badass

AirBnB by Student Spec Work : Miami Ad School

The venue struggle is legit for any emerging artist. Airbnb makes sure they get to perform for more

Arkia Airlines presents “The Price of Marriage” – a Valentine Special : Leo Burnett, Israel

Arkia is the only airline company in Israel offering a short (5 hours) direct flight to Zanzibar. And yet,

Jacob Creative: The Difference

An interview with the Founder & Creative Director of Jacob Creative. Tell us about how different is working as Manoj Jacob in ad agency and Manoj Jacob in your ad Agency. The difference is quite enormous. As creative head of an agency, I only really had to worry about the quality of work. Now I’m Chief Everything

Ford Edge Ruler by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

To communicate Ford Edge’s ‘Park Assist’ technology and emphasize its importance, we created rulers engraved with the car’s silhouette and a centimeter away from them common objects like a tree, electric pole or fire hydrant they would most certainly reverse into were it not for the car’s advanced technology. Client: Delek-Motors LTD Advertising Agency: BBR

BiskFarm by SoS Ideas, Kolkata

Agency: SoS Ideas Copy: Souvik Misra Art: Soubhik Payra   Agency: SoS Ideas Copy: Souvik Misra Art: Soubhik

FruitBowl : Agency Profile

In 2010, FruitBowl was co-founded by Faisal Amin and Dedeepya Reddy. The company is a creative digital marketing

UPS by Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: UPS Advert title(s): Worldwide Troops Headline and copy text (in English): Worldwide Troops Advertising Agency: Miami

Glamour World Ayurvedic by SoS Ideas, Kolkata

Kolkata based agency SoS created an episodic idea for its client Glamour World Ayurvedic where every day one single episode was uploaded and after a week, all the episodes brought out a compelling story highlighting the product benefit. Executive Creative Directors: Souvik Misra, Soubhik Payra Creative Director: Sourya Deb Copywriter: Sourya Deb, Koushik Jana Art

Reshmi Shekhar : Curiosity Kills The Cat

Reshmi Shekhar is an architect and illustrator based out of Bangalore. She runs design store & studio Curiosity