Jit Chowdhury : Illustrations

Jit Chowdhury draws everything except a monthly salary. A Visual storyteller based in Calcutta. His studio is called, Jitch Art Studio. He is a keeper of sketchbooks and loves penning down every concept in his sketchbooks for safe keeping. He works with publication houses like Penguin and also does wall graffiti , interiors and graphic

Vinit Bhatt : Photographer

A man who is seriously hindered by his inability to express anything worthwhile, except when it comes to expressing through his camera. Then he is a different beast. Passionate, crazy, creative, unwilling to rest till he gets the ‘perfect shot’. Why are you a photographer? There is no greater satisfaction than watching visual communication and

Valentine Is Gross : BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

    Splendid – the bitter dark chocolate brand that operates under the “When you grow up you’ll get it” tagline – has been tormenting kids for a few years now. The way our brand sees things, some things can only be appreciated when you grow up and that probably includes the whole boys &

Seniority-Flagship Store by Insiya Pithawala

  Insiya Pithawala is a spatial experience designer based in Mumbai. She got her Design degree in the

Ola Observes International Women’s Day With ‘Respect Every Day’ by Happy mcgarrybowen

The 8th of March, International Women’s Day, is an occasion to mark the importance of women across the

Aalhad Bhake : In A Chat With A Graphic Designer

The only way to describe this guy is the word “Metalhead”. Its pretty evident from his appearance that how much he love Metal music as the 80% of the time you see he is wearing black tshirts with prints of his favourite bands. He is a great person with a nice sense of humour. An

America Express by Miami Ad School Students

Advertised brand: American Express Advert title(s): Amex Black Headline and copy text (in English): Amex Black – This

Rasna : Revised Packaging Design 2017 by Scarecrow Mumbai

The old Rasna logo had a line dividing the outer and inner part of the fruit. We figured

Sonic Sweetener by Beijing Dentsu

In order to help people reduce their sugar intake, we created “Sonic Sweetener”. Based on the research by Dr. Charles Spence at University of Oxford, (and their support) We created the sound track help focus your attention to sweet taste in food / drink, it makes you taste sweeter as a result. Background: Over consumption

Voice for Victims : M-Indicator by Bates Chi & Partners

Agency : Bates Chi & Partners, Mumbai Client : M – Indicator Campaign : #voiceforvictims Credits: Chief Executive

Tiffany & Co Gift Bag Collection by Miami Ad School Students

Advertised brand: Tiffany & Co. Advert title(s): The Gift Bag Collection Headline and copy text: The Gift Bag

Nachiket Jadhav : In A Chat With A Graphic Designer

Why are you a graphic designer? I am a curious animal, always keen about my surroundings. Be it

KS Bakers by Janrise

Advertised brand: KS Bakers Advert title:life is about happiness Translation of headline to English: Life is about happiness Advertising

Arkia Airlines presents “The Price of Marriage” – a Valentine Special : Leo Burnett, Israel

Arkia is the only airline company in Israel offering a short (5 hours) direct flight to Zanzibar. And yet,