Super-Pharm Drugstore by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel

To communicate their summer sale, drugstore chain Super-Pharm together with agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel created a

Dairy Best Milk by Cheil India

Advertising Agency: Cheil, India Executive Creative Director: Anupama Ramaswamy Creative Directors: Sarabjit Singh, Anusheela Saha Associate Creative Director

Ashish Shah : In a Chat With A Photographer

Beyond the hustle of our everyday struggle there exists a world of dreams. This is where his heart

Deepikah Rahul Bhardwaj : Interview With A Designpreneur

Deepikah is a designpreneur based in New Delhi. She grew up in Delhi in the 90’s and studied

Hearing Aid as Anti Aging Product : BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

BEKOL the Organization for the Hard of Hearing in Israel, launched an ad aimed to encourage people experiencing hearing loss to overcome the barrier of shame. The ad – a take-off on cosmetic commercials – displays the hearing aid as an anti-aging product. Credits: Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi CEO: Yossi Lubaton Chief Creative

Real Good Solutions by Wex Inc Advertising, Kolkata

Real Good Solutions: The Bengali term ‘ball’ also means ‘to say’. So the term has been played with and the visuals are also in a fun route. The first means the wins and losses will say who will win the cup. The second one means luck will say who will win the cup. The third

Mak Projects by One Flit, Hyderabad

Advertising Agency: One Flit Advertising, Hyderabad, India Creative Director: Vinay Kumar Dudam Art Director: Balu Dudam Copywriter: Neeraja

Vrushali Somavanshi : Interview With A Graphic Designer

Vrushali Somavanshi (Artopus) is a graphic designer, an Engineer and a pattern lover. She is also an occasional

Jaikishan Patel : Illustrator

An observer, born and brought up at Raigarh in the region of Chhattisgarh India, practices in the field


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