Flavours of India by Studio Creativeme

Advertising Agency: Studio Creativeme, Noida, India Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Madhuri Garg Illustrator: Shagun Single

GlobalPartners by Miami Ad School

Advert title: Bad [W]rap Campaign name: Bad [W]rap Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA Brand: GlobalPartners Art Director: Yann Loussouarn Copywriter: Yessenia Downs Short description: In a time when hatred outweighs unity, how do you strip the headwrap of its bad rap? Twitter has served as a platform for those who oppose muslims, as well

Intigriti by Autumnwinter

Advertising Agency: Autumnwinter Communications & Design Chief Creative Officer / Copywriter: Karan Rawat Production House: Springsummer Art Director: Suhas Panchal Senior Visualizer: Ishan Meher Photographer: Manish Sampat Client Servicing: Janhavi Madkaikar, Namrata Valecha Artwork / Photoshop: Naresh Berde Line Producer: Martin Stanek

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi & Carlsberg Proudly Present: A Watch Pack Fit For A King

There is nothing like getting nice and cozy to watch your favorite TV series. This is true tenfold when it’s the season’s last episode. Whether you like watching the episode alone or with friends it is definite cause for celebration and some extra special nosh. But in some countries being a loyal fan of a

Shikha Nambiar : Illustrator, Artist

Shikha Nambiar is an illustrator/artist based out of Pune and Bangalore. She started her career as a corporate lawyer, before she answered her inner calling of pursuing art and design. She is passionate about illustration, hand-lettering, typography and snail-mail. She loves to make postcards and send them to people around the world. Her work is

Sunil Garud : Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Sunil is a graphic designer and an artist from Mumbai. He is raised in Mumbai, a city which

Bhima Print by Turrino

Advertising Agency: Turrino Advertising, Bengaluru, India Chief Executive Officer: Anil Nair Creative Directors: Vivek Prabhakar, Don Paynter Art

Akriti Kapur : Artboat

Akriti Kapur is a Graphic Designer by profession and has had the good fortune of being mentored by

Pearsons SIA by Miami Ad School

Advert title: Sia Campaign name:Sia Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA Brand: Pearson Art Director: Yann Loussouarn, Dora

Netflix by Miami Ad School

Advert title: Picture My Mood Campaign name: Picture My Mood Media: Online Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA Brand: Netflix Art Director: Yann Loussouarn Copywriter: Adam Rathbun   Short description: Have you ever had music that listened to you? Music that changed based on both what you were doing and how you were feeling? As

Introducing Instagram feed @fatfeedzero

https://www.instagram.com/fatfeedzero/ It’s the only page of its kind among 400 million instagram users 🙂 Every picture connects with

Nidheesh Bharathi : Illustrator

I’m Nidheesh, from Kerala, I’m highly motivated and passionate about art, I cant think a day without sketching, I

Ego Activewear by Bates Chi And Partners Bangalore

Advertising Agency: Bates CHI & Partners, Bangalore, India Chief Creative Officer: Manmohan Anchan Executive Creative Director: Mukund Sharma