Live Kill for Or Yarok by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

Texting while driving and even live broadcasting while driving has become an international plague. Truth is over 80% of accidents are caused by people using their phone while driving. Yet still, regular communication campaigns don’t deter youngsters. Because no matter how gruesome commercials about this issue are, young drivers still ignore them.

Because they’re ads.

So we decided to engrave the experience of watching a real car crash in young drivers’ minds FOREVER.
By getting them to watch someone they love die.


To do that we hacked YouTube’s live broadcast feature and broadcasted a 6 minute pre-filmed video of their favorite vlogger as if it were live.

The hacked broadcast generated record high results:
Over 2500 fans watched in real time
Fans sent in thousands of worried comments and “Aha-got the message” posts
By the next day 57.000 youngsters had watched the broadcast – a clear indication our message made an impact.

Chief Executive Officer: Yossi Lubaton
Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Lang
VP Creative Director: Idan Regev
VP Creative Director: Idan Levy
Social & Digital Creative Director: Idan Kligerman
Creative Team: Niv Herzberg & Evgeniy Utkin
VP Client Services: Maya Salomon
Account Executive: Shirley Konka
VP Content & Production: Dorit Gvili
Production Manager: Maya Palmon
Creative Coordinator: Eva Hasson
Video Editor: Dan Deutsch
Traffic Director: Ronit Doanis
Studio Manager: Yaron Keinan
Graphic Designer: Yulia Zak


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