DesiCreative | Kotak Mahindra Bank Design a LobbyScape Contest

The DesiCreative | Kotak Mahindra Design A LobbyScape Contest

You have always looked at a space and wondered how it could have been better designed or utilised. Lobby spaces are not only a welcome area for guests to walk in to, but are also important communincation spaces which must immediately inform the guest of what we stand for and at the same time make them feel wanted and comfortable. Now, Kotak Mahindra Bank, along with DesiCreative, is giving you a super cool space to design a Lobby Scape. Go wild, but be functional. Who knows, your design may end up in a real life environment in the heart of Mumbai city.

While you mst go completely wild in your imagination, each entry must still be a functional space. The winning design will be selected based on the smooth integration of usability with striking imagination, creating a Lobby Scape that is iconic and memorable.

To be considered, the space must designed for accommodating an uber cool branch, a coffee lounge, meeting areas and ofcourse greeting lobby.

Kotak Mahindra offers a cash prize of Rs 100,000/- for one winning entry. 5 other excellent entries will win book vouchers worth Rs 10,000/- each.

Details here.

16 thoughts on “DesiCreative | Kotak Mahindra Bank Design a LobbyScape Contest

  1. Patio soni says:

    Yes it will be interesting…

  2. A few questions:

    1.In the project description you state, “To be considered, the space must be designed for accommodating an uber cool branch, a coffee lounge, meeting areas and of course a greeting lobby.”

    What is an uber cool branch?

    2. Is the entire ground floor to be considered?

    3. What are vouchers worth 10,000 Rs?

    4. What is the goal of this exercise?

    5. Is there a presentation format?

  3. admin says:

    1. By uber cool We mean a premium experience for high end customers. Not to be a typical band branch but an overall experience centre where the customer is there for her/his transaction but experiences a different level of service. Like for eg: instead of the customer walking up to a teller counter for collecting cash or demad draft, the service manager will seat her/him in the lounge and handle the transaction on her/his behalf.
    2. Yes the entire ground floor is to be considered. Expect for fixed areas which cannot be broken down like AHU, Electrical room, Strong room, lift areas and stairways.
    3. Amazon vouchers
    4. The goal is to create a different innovative experience for customers which is driven by a bit of technology and some amount of personalised human touch. The purpose of the contest is to crowd source ideas and give young mind a chance to think something out of the box.
    5. Not really. We are expecting a concepts to be presented, not necessarily in a particular format.

    I hope this answers all.

  4. SWATI WARE says:

    can we have Auto CAD drawing for designing requirment?
    And min. & max. requirement of space or people?

  5. admin says:

    Swati let me get back to you soon…

  6. tornado says:

    how do I register for this competition sir? Please reply

  7. tornado says:

    sir is it must the lobby have a pantry for the coffee lounge ?
    also is it must to design the entire ground floor ?
    can we design only the lobby if we want to ?
    please reply

  8. tornado says:

    Sir can you please tell us when the results will be announced . very curious.

  9. SWATI WARE says:

    sir, we have mailed our concept drawings to you.. we r looking forward to see our results..

  10. deadman says:

    sir, please tell us when the results will be announced . we are looking forward to see our results !
    please sir

  11. SWATI WARE says:

    Sir, can u plz tell us when the results will be declared?? Looking forward for the same.. thanx..

  12. admin says:

    Hi Swati! Kotak Mahindra is taking time to decide on the winners. We hope they will come to a decision soon.

  13. Ron says:

    Dear admin, kindly update us on the status of this competition.

  14. admin says:

    Hi Sharon. Unfortunately Kotak Mahindra, who are supposed to evaluate the results and hand over the promised rewards, haven’t yet figured out the winners yet. I am pushing them. I guess if we don’t get something by mid-September, we will probably have to call it quits with them.

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