123 thoughts on “Chennai Gay Club

  1. sunny says:

    very cool

  2. Hasmukh says:

    hi bibhuti! great notice! Check teh forums, i have posted teh two ads side by side. i wonder who copied whom?


  3. madan says:

    wow nice club

  4. rajiv says:

    hi all i need good partner

  5. Michael says:

    Hey yo guys got no shame?
    Bein INDIAN n gettin into thins like dis which is not social at all.
    Wake up guys, dnt forget our tradition.

  6. Karthik Chennai says:

    @Michael…. Wake up Michael… Indian culture from the very begining of the culture in itself had homosexuality… Go visit Kajuraho…. Brits colonisation was the one which crippled us… Anyways… Have a good time dumbo

  7. Munna says:

    Exactly karthik.. homosexuality has bn in practice since the vedic era as a mode for spiritual union. there is a discrete description of homosexuality and its arrant purist practise in vedas as such..

  8. Munna says:

    and hi rajiv.. its bn 4 yrs since am lookin 4 u good trustabl partner.. no sucess as yet. almost gav up actually, its nly very rare dat u may end up wid a true partner. especialy wid d mindset of indian men who potray it as “just for fun”.. its al bullshit in deir heads. am not cursing d whole lot but majority of den tend to end up being locked up in d closet by demselves..

  9. Sascha says:

    hi guyz, do we have any gay bars discs in chennai. i will be moving to chemmai shortly. need to know of any gay hang out places.

  10. muru says:

    i coming to chennai 1st week of july

  11. Div says:

    It’s so hard to come out of the closet.. People here are so close minded and I might even be arrested :/
    I’m sure police officers don’t know what a “Gay person” is :/

  12. rajasekar says:

    hi friends. this is good club and association for to meet the same feeling of people. i m ready to join this club. mail me rkrajasekar2010 at gmail.com

  13. rajasekar says:

    hi friends,
    I am ready to join this club. Contact me rkrajasekar2010 at Gmail.com

  14. subash says:

    Eve created from Adam’s body…..so Eve body also like Adam body wen Adam & Eve together is right/////like that Adam and Adam together also right….. its also soft feeling like boys girls having…. tow geys should sincere loyal and friendly… 9952704076

  15. Mykill says:

    Hey guys,
    am just wondering if i can find a partner here in chennai for just one gay sex with no commitments and stuff like that. I’m an amateur with zero knowledge abt the gay sex but like to experiment things. So am being very honest abt masef. Pls response to the same.

  16. hi rajasekar says:

    how are you i am 34 years old and married

  17. akhana65 says:

    hi all

    may i know if there is any gay club to meet like minded people in chennai.

    Please tell me . my id = akhana65@yahoo.com

    Thanks you so much

  18. shanmugam says:

    hi have much more problem getting from other can we help .

  19. shanmugam says:

    hi friends,
    I am ready to join this club. Contact me

  20. subash says:

    Gay Club is welcoming one…..without any hesitation and problem can get the friends and safte sex. am interesting to joing any manly Gey Men can contact in chennai chndrbose7@gmail.com

  21. ash says:

    super good idea,let”s hav fun.comon evrybdy

  22. ram prasad says:

    im ready to do it with anyone, im a 20 year old college student and am really sexually frustrated….will do anything for anyone……am bi-sexual not gay though.

  23. kutty says:

    pls tel me i will join gay glub in chennai my mail id is above

  24. malai says:

    hai am new to this site
    am looking for a nice friend to share my feelings can any one ready just giev msg to me am in chennai only

  25. muru says:

    i comimg to chennai let met

  26. malai says:

    hai muru

  27. arun kumar says:

    hai guyz can u plz say wer gays and bis meet???

  28. Surya says:

    Hi, dudes,

    i like this very much, me also interested to join this….

    But i am from salem.

  29. krishnan says:

    really wonderful

  30. goyel says:

    hi i want join club.i need good partner

  31. ashis says:

    great idea..! let have society for us also. By the way, where is this and how to join?
    I wanna join..!!…or it is just prank blog…lol

  32. sahaya says:

    hi dudes this sasin from tamilnadu is there any gay partys and gay clubs plz let me know i would like to joint plz let me know and young and smart looking guys also joint with me if any one intrested mail me in above address
    thanks and regares
    sasni fernando

  33. abdul wahid says:

    pl send the chennai gay club address to my mail id

  34. hari says:

    hi i need gay guy friends fr full of safe fun

  35. Rakesh says:

    any friends

  36. Bomme says:

    heeyyy can sumwhere give me a number that works…i really wanna join this club…and where is this place…mwah

  37. pratap says:

    Hi Guys,

    Am new here. Have a guest house only till this weekend. Would be interested in meeting up and chatting up. Number is XXXXXXXXX.

    Also, there seems to be no sign up address for this club. How do we access this?

  38. jai says:

    hiiii any one know any gay clup in chennai…. pls sent me details to my mail.. jaiii80@yahoo.com

  39. Balaji says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently involved in translating a video on freedom to love irregardless of sexual orientation from English to Tamil.

    Does any one know what are the appropriate Tamil words for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people. I know we can use “thiru nangaigal” for transgender. But not sure about the rest. Appreciate if you guys can help me out on this. Thanks a bunch! =)

  40. kesavan says:


    I fell happy to join this club.

  41. special friend says:

    hai a friend of mine who is handsome and gym body torches me to have sex with him. pls help me.

  42. RAVIKANTH says:

    Hi Rajsekar
    Do you like older people?

  43. RAVIKANTH says:

    Hi Special friend
    Then give him yours.

  44. jack says:

    hi guys like to hav gay friends and gay club address

  45. jack says:

    s. contact me in newyrkmm2yahoo-co-in send me ur number

  46. raam says:

    Hi..26 m..Bi-Sexual…
    Can be a Good Partner….Looking for nice guys…

  47. rajmani says:

    i want to know where is the gay guys how we can cotact

  48. vino says:

    this is very intresting publish can i join with that club.

  49. amirth says:

    hi there,any gay pubs in chennai? kindly give details to contact or to go,if any there….im amir from vellore

  50. sathish says:

    Is there any guys club in chennai and need a life partner

  51. anand says:

    hi guys i am alway’s free in my office if u r interested contact me

  52. ram prasad says:

    hi, im 20 in college,ready to do anything anytime, contact me, i have a car

  53. ram prasad says:

    ready to do anything anytime, anywhere,(safe of course).:)

  54. raju1234 says:

    would like to join the club any time call me…

  55. Bala says:

    hi i am bala from chennai

  56. raj says:

    Hi am raj here interest to join gay club plz let me know how to joi.

  57. hi folks,

    Chennai Dost is a community based organisation which works for gay & bisexual (gb)men in chennai.Our aim is to create social space for gb community.

    To know more about chennai dost and its achievements check out this video:-


    visit our blog:- http://www.chennai-dost.blogspot.com

    For counselling and other queries call our helpline number:- +91 95516 30213

  58. saravana says:

    hi all,

    i am bisexual, guys am waiting for you noiw

  59. saravana says:

    hi anand,
    wt u doing d

  60. saravana says:

    contact me anytime, am ready to blast

  61. vinu says:

    hi like to join in this club.

  62. vinu says:

    saravan how r u

  63. RAM says:

    hw to join in gay club and wh it is

  64. sunil says:

    Hi this is sanjay. I’m from Chennai I want to meet yourclub members.

    Thanx bye.

  65. sunil says:

    Hello I’m waiting for U. I’m in Chennai near airport. I think chromepet grand palace hotel bar is very good gays bar in Chennai.

  66. raj says:

    Hi all,

    i wish to join this community, advice me.

  67. Ram says:

    i want join this club i m 21 yrs old gay in chennai

  68. ROHIT SINGH says:

    hey m cmng chennai…..nd m looking fr flat on sharing basis….pls guys help me out…:)

  69. sakthi says:

    i wanna like to members this site

  70. hari says:

    any guy wt clean habbits wt place ?

  71. HoneyDutt says:

    Like to join this club as a member, what are the procedure, hw and wr is it. pls send me in my given Id,,staying in Chennai, or is there any other place wr we can hang out.

  72. sunil says:

    Hi this is your friend. Find your gay friend @ marina beach. cinema actors tv artist also coming there. They r coming in cars

  73. Sathya says:

    hi ……………. i love to join tis club

  74. rajesh says:

    Hi, I am rajesh – any gay meeting points and clubs in chennai.

  75. Anand S says:

    i m n need of friend. would u be my partner…..

  76. pintoo says:

    hi……….. wanna good freindshp and more

  77. Honey Dutt says:

    Anand, I would really like to become friend with u let me have ur Mob No dear.

  78. krishna says:

    hai this is krishna i need all Friends
    at the time i need also best life partner/

  79. krishna says:

    krishna chennai this is is my mail id plc send me any request *****

  80. anand says:

    I need guys. i am slim .50kg .sucking u r cock.

  81. satish says:

    34 male from chennai decent goood looks seeking a suitable male friend

  82. karthik says:

    hw to join ths club. Im interested to join

  83. Sureshkumar says:

    Hi friends,,,i am suresh,,age 29 unmarried male from chennai,,i would like to meet a good friend for sharing all..i got failure in love..so please reply friends,,i need your?????????????

  84. hi folks,

    Chennai Dost is a community based organisation which works for gay & bisexual (gb)men in chennai.Our aim is to create social space for gb community.

    To know more about chennai dost and its achievements check out this video:-


    visit our blog:- http://www.chennai-dost.blogspot.com

    For counselling and other queries call our helpline number:- +91 95516 30213

  85. bharat says:

    hi friends i want to join gay club

  86. aditya says:

    chennai gay club rocks….it wil b a gud oppertunity 4 meeting somegud frnds as they feel lik us.it wil help us 2 overcome our fear on social abuses n can stay away frm those who tease us.we can find many gud frnds 4 long term relationship 2…..

  87. rajesh says:

    pl mail club address i want join and i want partner immed.

  88. hameed says:

    hi……… i want cock for sucking………… anybody interest gays means call me……….9952284476……. i am in guindy…….

  89. saran says:

    hi suresh kumar am ready to meet you

  90. arun says:

    i am interest

  91. arun says:

    contact me

  92. naveeen says:

    hi i good friends

  93. naveeen says:

    hi i need friends

  94. shahs says:

    am gay…. i need hot guy for everythingggggggggggggggggggg.

  95. muthu says:

    im too…

  96. balu says:

    hai suresh kumar send me your number

  97. arvend says:

    well i need to join t club can anyone help me….!!!!

  98. SATHISH says:

    hi i want to meet u kumar

  99. saravana says:

    hi am saravana,

    i am slim and my cock is 7 inch thick. i am ready to do anythign

  100. saravana says:

    dear guys,

    common fuck me suck me hard anybody interest

  101. saravana says:

    if anybody have aplace means plz call me i will do anything for you to satisfy.

  102. Raj says:

    I am interested to join this group

  103. jeevan says:

    it is really my view to gay is depends on ones life that is matter of life which way one want to live as nature being we all should learn from nature i am started my small research about gay life i am a interested in gay

  104. Rakesh says:

    Like to join Chennai dost gay club

  105. rajasozan says:

    please inform me the location of gay club in chennai

  106. coolguy says:


  107. sentil says:

    Hi All,

    There are multiple problems i like to record here on behalf of gay. Not sure about the solutions…
    * Gay people itself are not true to themselfs….
    How many are committed & leading true loving life ?? Are we stop searching multiple partners ….
    * How many are marrying a girl and leading a painful / double life ?
    * Social / government view will change as long as the gay people start living like a normal couple beyond the interest of body pleasure.
    * This county has more number of orphan baby… How many are interested to adopt a baby?
    * Do we have any gay community group for gay matrimony…. Again we are not sure how many will be for money ?
    * How many of us will come out of the daily / weekly fun with multiple partners?
    ” Most of us like to lead a peaceful normal life ….. ya its tough to find a right partner…. but it has to be done in right age…. and settle…..I request the communities can help on this”

  108. romi says:

    i am ready to join this club………………….

  109. madhhu says:

    Sentil ur words are correct. no one is ready to be one to one comitted & lead a decent life.

  110. gayfromkerala says:

    i need to join t club can anyone help me plssssssssssssssssssss

  111. selvaraj says:

    i want to joint this club

  112. Pramodh says:

    Hi…Im so lonely and frustrated to live this cursed life.I need to meet my kinda ppl.Pls allow me join this club:-(

  113. cocksucker777 says:

    hi i need a good partner in chennai near tambaram i love boys and cena dazzler is my fb profile name i love cocks

  114. vihas says:

    lovable place for loving boys…………………………

  115. suni says:

    looking for a partner for me…been searching for so long…

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