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Anoorupa Bose : Optimist

Anoorupa Bose is a fearless Creative Director. Give her a brief and she’ll come up with an idea that is so bold yet effective, that you’ll want to take the leap with her! Anoorupa is also a fearless human being. She has always fought for her rights and the rights of her teammates at previous agencies where employees were overworked and systematically exploited.

Why are you into Advertising?
In advertising, you get to be an artist, a filmmaker, a craftsman, a hacker, a revolutionary for social causes, a public speaker, a writer, a storyteller, a strategist, a musician, a startup incubator, a data analyst, a psychologist, it´s a field that enables you to express your creativity in so many different ways and that’s why I love it!

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
I studied English.

You have been a highly awarded Creative at a very young age. How has that impacted your career?
Feels a bit awkward to brag, but yes, in school I was always the most-awarded student in theatre, writing and public speaking competitions – all of which has greatly helped me hone my skills in advertising. Especially theatre, because even before you get to publish your campaign to the public, you need to first pitch that idea face to face to your client, and that’s when all the drama, stage training and public speaking experiences from the past unleash.


Famous Letterpress : Keeping Alive A Fantastic Craft

Famous Letterpress is a design and print studio situated in Nagaland, India. Their love for creating aesthetically pleasing handcrafted products dates back to 2008. Early in their journey, their founder Akanito discovered and fell in love with letterpress. He dedicated the next decade to perfecting the craft of letterpress printing, training our team, and developing a diverse range of products and services. Since then, Famous have grown their client base and have served national and international clients. Their unique process and approach rooted in design thinking make them the ideal partner for clients looking for intimacy and craftsmanship in their products.

What made you continue with letterpress when most people now go for digital printing?
We are a team of designers, print enthusiasts, and creative professionals dedicated to making unfailing and aesthetically sound products. In a world that’s becoming increasingly electronic, we feel many people long for something a little more personal. Our approach is focused on making the final product a one-of-a-kind experience that makes the end consumer feel special. Our printing process provides our engaging designs with the warmth they need to breathe life into any piece of paper.

How many fonts do you have?
Thanks to the advancement of technology and the development of photopolymer plates, we are no longer limited to ready-made fonts made from wood or metal. Any digital fonts can be accessed online and brought to life through the tactile impression of letterpress.


MediaOne: Eye Popping Viewership by Evoka Communications

Advertising Agency: Evoka Communications, Kochi, Kerala, India
Creative Director: Junaid Mohammed
Art Director: Vivek
Copywriter: Junaid Muhammed
Director : Safeer AP

One of Malayalam’s leading regional news channels, MediaOne, has scaled new heights with a staggering 27 million views on Facebook. Our creative team was able to come up with innovative graphics to represent Mediaone’s achievement. The graphics display an “eye-popping” chart to showcase the viewership that MediaOne enjoys.

Rollick Durga Poojo by SoS Ideas

Advertising Agency: SoS Ideas, Kolkata, India
Executive Creative Director: Souvik Misra
Executive Creative Director: Soubhik Payra
Creative Director: Manas Maity, Pratyush Chakraborty
Illustrator: Pathik Panja
Copywriter: Piyali Mukherjee

Rollick is one of West Bengal’s favourite frozen dessert brands that offer a wide range of frozen desserts for people to delight in. The festival of Durgotsav is no different. It rather amplifies people’s spirit to enjoy every moment of the festive grandeur.
This very emotion is aptly reflected in the campaign, where we have used popular Durga Puja elements like the Dhaak, Dhunuchi, Lotus, Conch and Trishul in an interesting illustration style. All these elements, drawn on different types of ice cream spoons justly describe the fun-filled moments of the festival.


Shanoor Homes by Evoka Communications

In India, the disparity in property ownership among men and women is very pronounced, with only 30% of women owning homes. The primary vision for Shanoor Homes, in this campaign was a need for women to own homes. They integrated this vision into their development to let women homebuyers to own property without registration charges.

The objective of our campaign aligns itself with this progressive and socially committed vision and welcomes more women to invest in housing developments, so as to create an equal space for all genders.

Advertising Agency : Evoka Communications
Creative Director : Junaid Muhammed
Copywriter: Muhsin
Client Service : Safeer AP
Photographer: Arun Pathadimethil

Save Soil by Madison BMB

Soil and land are finite resources. While most other resources get replenished from time to time, the amount of soil in the world is only seeing a rapid decline. At this rate we are staring at famines and hectares of land turning into deserts in a not so distant future. But how do we make the world aware of this uncomfortable reality?

An uncomfortable reality needs uncomfortable truths to be called out for it to be noticed. We have used provocation as an approach to ruffle the readers and make them aware of the grave reality.

Senior Creative Director (Copy): Rohan Joseph
Senior Creative Director (Art): Vallabh Yeolekar
CCO and CEO: Raj Nair

Save The Soil
Save The Soil