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Close The Care Gap- Cervical Cancer by BEI Confluence

On World Cancer Day, let’s #CloseTheCareGap by scheduling a routine check-up for ourselves and our loved ones. Cervical Cancer affects a lot of women worldwide. The only way to turn the numbers in our favour is to get a pap smear. It takes only 5 mins and can help you detect and seek an early diagnosis for a healthier and happier life.

Advertising Agency: BEI Confluence, NEW DELHI, India

Calvertising : Celebrating Calcutta’s Advertising Creative

What is Calvertising?
Calvertising is an independent platform that provides space for the voices of witty and cerebral advertising made in Calcutta ad agencies. It’s a celebration of new visions on how the creative brains interpret the relationship between products and the human needs.

What made you start Calvertising?
Since there was no official conglomeration of hundreds of the creative works coming out everyday, people had to face difficulty to know what their fellow creative practitioners were up to. Even, the creative people spread across the country or abroad had little knowledge of what’s going on here in terms of commercial art. The cultural capital of the country was in need of an anthology. So, Calvertising happened.

What do you think is unique to Kolkata Advertising Creative?
There is a sheer differentiating factor about Calcutta Advertising Creative. We’re very much rooted to our rich cultural heritage while looking for the latest notions in the world. Actually, the cosmopolitan nature of this city is very different from the others in terms of celebration of art and creativity. That reflects upon the works of advertising. Folks here still play with the words since they are rooted for their language. Wit is a general tool for the advertising worldwide but here it sometimes becomes the content itself and that’s too by championing the product itself. We are keen to touch the sky worldwide by keeping our feet on our own soil.


Desi Belle by AutumnWinter

The print campaign was designed with the core thought of creating a world that has been heavily influenced by the Western Fashion. To add the millennial connection to the campaign, we took the widely popular internet abbreviation WWW and gave it a new meaning – World Wide West. The campaign captures the essence of western fashion through a striking collection, jewelry, maps and decor items.

Advertising Agency: AutumnWinter Communications & design, MUMBAI, India
CCO & Creative Director: Karan Rawat
Jr. Art Director: Aditi Haldankar
Sr. Writer: Rahul Paul
Photographer: Priyank Nandwana
Sr. Account Executive: Yesha Kavaiya
Stylist (Harshad): Jimmy
Makeup: Gayetri Chakravarthy
Hair: Zeba Shaikh
Production & Props (Aura Production Thailand): Hiren Sonie
Producer (India): SpringSummer Films
Graphic Artist: Diwakar Jakkani
Photoshop: Naresh Berde
Retoucher(India): AVF Studio

Desi Belle
Desi Belle
Desi Belle

Aditi Sobti : In Conversation With An Advertising Creative

Aditi is a full-time Art Director based in New York. She specializes in conceptualizing and creating visuals for branding and marketing campaigns. Originally from India, Aditi has worked in agencies like RK Swamy BBDO in Kolkata, Cutwater in San Francisco, VMLY&R New York, and TEAM Enterprises Miami. She has recently graduated from Miami Ad School in the Art Direction program and has a Master’s in Global Strategic Communication from Florida International University.
Aditi hopes to open her own agency one day and create fearless work.

Why are you into Advertising?
Being in advertising is like being a jack of all trades but master of none. I enjoy the feeling of being able to dabble in many things. That possibility is why I am so excited to be in advertising.

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
I did my Bachelors in Industrial Arts and Design Practice at Srishti Manipal Institute of Arts Design and Technology. I later did my Masters at Florida International Univeristy in Global Strategic Communication and a degree in Art Direction from Miami Ad School. So I am trained in both design and communications.


Sirona Hygiene by Bang In The Middle

Menstruation and puberty solutions in India is not a often spoken about. Brands normally tend to approach the subject of menstruation by being indirect and vague. The campaign was designed to bring these topics put in open and make it conversational. For a D2C brand, we needed to aid discovery of brand by being new age and sensitive.

Advertising Agency: Bang in the Middle, Gurgaon, India
CCO And Co-Founder: Prathap Suthan
Cd: Paulomi Dey
Cso: Naresh Gupta


Titan by 22 Feet Tribal Worldwide

Client: Titan
Agency: 22 Feet Tribal Worldwide

National Creative Director: Vishnu Srivatsav
Executive Creative Director: Diya Sarkar
Group Creative Partner: Tejas phansekar
Senior Creative Partner: Pramodh Sebastin, Katherine John.
Senior Creative Partner: Nayantara Shah
Creative Partner: Rhea Kotia, Apoorva Anand
President: Preetham Venkky
Sr. VP & Branch Head South: Ken Sekhar
Client Solution Head: Jayson Cherion
Client Solution Director: Laveena Barapatre
Client Solution Associate: Meghana Sunil