#EarthMode : Student Work from Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Connect4Climate
Advert title(s): #EarthMode
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Creative Director: Manolo Garcia
Art Director: Tassia Valim
Copywriter: Skyler Braswell, Luvkumar Khemlani
Design: Tassia Valim
Published: May, 2020
Short rationale: “The environmental effects of climate change are affecting our planet to the point where Earth is losing its color. Therefore, Connect4Climate introduces #EarthMode, a movement that reflects Earth’s loss of color in our digital world. Influential brands partnered with Connect4Climate will remove the color from the icons of their apps and challenge users to return the color by taking small sustainable actions. Together we will bring back our beloved colors digitally and in reality.”

United Nations : Student Work from Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: United Nations
Advert title(s): Razzle Dazzle
Advertising School: Miami Ad School San Francisco
Art Director: Aarti Thamma

According to Statista, as of May 2020, around 30 countries across the world reported ongoing armed clashes between state forces & or rebels. The world is at war, with many innocent lives lost, families separated & displaced. But in better parts of the world, where people have only heard of war as a thing of the past or something that happens in other places, war is often forgotten, ignored, or even covered up by the media that focuses on shiny things.
Because, if something doesn’t happen in front of our eyes or to us, we forget that it exists.
It is important for the world to come together to stop the war, create homes for those who have suffered, and rebuild society without differences. Therefore, we introduce this poster, Razzle Dazzle.

The Razzle Dazzle is a concept that derives from the dazzle camouflage design concept that was introduced during World War to disguise warships during battle. We take this concept that was used during the great war and create awareness about the war that is currently happening.
The poster is a disguise. At its first look, it is a dazzling design that attracts the eye. But there is something hidden in the design which one will be able to see only when they are ready to see it. We encourage viewers to take a closer look, when they see it, they will see a number of warships hidden in the poster.

Sometimes, we choose to ignore conflict & those who are suffering from it, but it still exists, just camouflaged by the noise of the world.

Leo Burnett Israel and Samsung present: “Flight of the Bumblebee”

Nowadays you have to be alert, attentive, on the lookout. You’ve got to keep your phone at hand and be prepared to draw it out in an instant, because you never know what situation you will encounter that will warrant documenting.
It could be an elephant giving birth at the safari.
It could be a triple rainbow.
or it could be a traffic cop dancing in the middle of a busy street intersection.
At those moments, it is crucial you be able to operate and access the right camera features on your mobile at lightning speed because that may just determine whether your footage becomes the next big video sensation and ends up conquering the web.
That’s why for the launch of the new Galaxy S21 series with its advanced photography and video capturing features, we brought the story of a bumblebee that surprises a Dad making him do all kinds of goofy stuff you wouldn’t want to miss capturing. So while Dad is seen dancing to the tune of the bumblebee, his kids pull out their devices and document the moment, each using a different feature of the phone.
Watch our commercial here:

Agency Credits: Leo Burnett Israel
Client: Samsung Israel
CEO: Ori Gal
CCO: Ami Alush
VP Client Services: Yonatan Regev
Creative Director: Oren Ben Naim
Creative Team: Hezkush Yeshurun, Meital Miller
Agency Producer: Menny Zarhia
Account Supervisor: Hagay Zaken
Account Manager: Efrat Gelfand
Director: Eran-Shushu Spanier
Production Company: Green Productions
Marcom Director: Eva Hasson

Nest Safe Sleeve by Miami Ad School

Title: Nest Safe Sleeve
School: Miami Ad School San Francisco
Art Director: Neha Biluve and Renny Eackelbary
Copywriter: Hatem El Akad, Amber Jolley and Prasiddha Thiyagarajan


Owning a firearm in the United States is a fundamental right.

And over 43% of the U.S. population owns at least one firearm to feel safe and protected.

Despite the many laws in place regulating gun ownership, violent crimes continue to rise.

That’s because 79% of violent acts involve a stolen firearm.

What’s more alarming is that the shooters are taking guns from their friends and family members.

It’s time for legal gun owners to feel safe and protected with their firearms.


Ted Pedro : In Conversation With An Advertising Creative

Why are you into Advertising?
I kind of fell into it. I originally was using my design skills for my streetwear brand I started with a few friends. It was my brother who was in advertising where he would tell me more about what he was working on everyday that got me more interested. I applied the few tips he told me to implement into my brand. I enjoyed thinking and making in advertising so then I decided to take the jump and pursue it.

Did you attend school for fine art or design or Communications?
I studied Graphic Design at SAIT in Calgary. Then moved to Toronto to go to Miami Ad School.

Tell us about your awards? How has that helped your career.
It does help you stand out above the rest. I’ve won a few awards at big shows like D&AD, One Show and Clios. They for sure helped out to get me noticed while applying for jobs. I also just like the competition aspect of it, it always leads to great work.


Air “Bee and Bee” – this is the largest insect hotel village in the world : TBWA Helsinki

What if bees had their own Airbnb? The largest insect hotel village in the world.

Finnish school kids built the world’s largest insect hotel village in their local town. The hotels
provide shelter for important pollination insects that are in decline around the world.

Pollinating insects are in decline, and some insect species are facing the threat of extinction.

A world without bees would be a world without coffee, apples, potatoes, strawberries, carrots – and much more. That’s because up to 75% of all of our food crops depend on pollination one way or another.

And it’s not just the bees that are in decline. Living habitats that the pollinators prefer are also in decline as meadows and flower fields have been turned into building lots for city-planning.

That’s why a Finnish electricity distribution company saw untapped potential in their land use. In Finland the land is released for better use when the air cable lines are moved underground because of the cold and snowy weather conditions. And so, the idea of an insect hotel village came to be.

“We wanted to do something for nature and bring joy to local school children. First, we planted flower seeds on one of our worksites. Then we provided building materials for the local schools, so the kids could learn about the importance of pollinating insects and plan their own village for the bees”, says the Head of Customer Relations of the electricity distribution company Caruna, Katriina Kalavainen.

One hundred hotels for pollinators – a light-hearted approach with serious benefits

The kids were enthusiastic about the project and the local schools wanted to take part as soon as they heard of it. The kids built over a 100 insect hotels and styled the hotels according to their own artistic vision.

The insect hotel village provides shelter as days get colder and the bees look for a perfect spot for winter hibernation. Next spring the bees will wake up from their Air Bee n’ Bees ready for a new season.

See what the kids came up with from the pictures and the video below.

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi presents: “Alive & Kickin’

“A few old people is no reason to shutdown a whole country” – that’s how our latest campaign for the “Mediterranean Towers” Senior Living Residence kicks off. When the Pandemic struck, it soon became apparent senior citizens were especially at risk of contracting the covid-19 virus. So people were told to respect social distancing and families were warned to stay away from grandparents and elderly citizens lest they spread the virus to them.

Countries went into total lockdown and stores, businesses and restaurants shut their doors. However, while the lockdown was tolerated at first due to the general atmosphere of panic and fear, soon the economic consequences became apparent as most economies began suffocating. The advocates of reopening the markets were fast to point the finger at their seniors – blaming them for the continued segregation and economic shutdown in posts that showed increasing animosity and resentment towards the elderly. Posts where they were fast to offer up ghetto like solutions.

Most senior living chains had remained quiet during the lockdown – too afraid to advertise lest they draw fire and be painted as ‘houses of death’. Well the residents of the “Mediterranean Towers” Senior Living community thought differently and had a message for people they thought it was about time they heard.

So we scoured the net and social media and embarked on a campaign that took the most authentic comments and posts, straight from people’s feeds – and slammed them right onto the “Mediterranean Towers” elderlies reality, where our seniors stood proud and showed people exactly who they are : strong, independent, knowledgeable, creative,  life loving people who can look just fine after themselves – thank you.

Agency Credits: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel
Client: Mediterranean Towers Senior Living
CEO: Ben Muskal
CCO: Yaron Perel
Creative Director: Lior Meiri
Copywriter: Adam Gal
Art Director: Shay Israel
UX/UI: Gal Mamalya
VP Client Services: Lia Rosendeld
Account Supervisor: Ran Danino
Account Manager: Nir Daube
VP Strategic Planning: Yossi ‘Joe’ Baruch
Strategic Planning Supervisor: Moran Nurok
Strategic Planner: Avshalom Tulipman
Marcom Director: Eva Hasson
VP of Production: Iris Yisraeli
Traffic: Ronit Doanis
Studio Director: Lea Avram Vayzer
Studio: Diti Shay , Sophie Alon, Dana Schossberger, Idan Perets
Production: OG Production
Director: Aviv Maaravi

Burger King celebrates Pride in Finland by declaring their love to McDonald’s

During Helsinki Pride, Burger King declares their love to McDonald’s with the painting “Love conquers all”, which shows their mascots embracing each other.

Burger King Finland’s campaign “Love conquers all” is a celebration of love and all the forms it takes. 

“Burger King has always stood for equality, love and everyone’s right to be just the way they are. The only instance where it might not seem so, is when we’re bantering with our competitor. But we want to be clear – it all stems from the respect we have for them. And we know McDonald’s stands for the values we stand for, too”, states Burger King Finland’s brand manager Kaisa Kasila.

The long-awaited kiss can be widely seen in outdoor and print advertising as well as in Burger King’s own channels and restaurants around Finland during Helsinki Pride Week.

“The idea behind the painting sprung from our desire to celebrate love in all forms. We thought, what a better way to convey our values than by portraying an all-encompassing kiss between Burger King and McDonald. We wanted to show that in the end, love always wins”, continues Kasila.

The creative partner behind the idea and campaign is TBWA\Helsinki, and the media partner is Virta Helsinki.