Camlin Brush Pens by RK Swamy BBDO

Recreating Masterpieces
Self-portraits of great artists are just as famous as the masterpieces they created. Art lovers across the world recognise and revere them. In this campaign “Recreating Masterpieces”, we have recreated the self-portraits of world famous painters. The only difference here is that they are not recreated from oil and water colours which the artists used originally. Instead, they are painted using Kokuyo Camlin Brush Pens. Each portrait is carefully recreated using only the 24 fixed shades available in the Brush Pens pack. So, the shades in these paintings may vary a wee bit as the artist cannot mix colours but the style and strokes are true to the original. These posters were created to illustrate that today there is a whole new medium called Kokuyo Camlin Brush Pens available to create masterpieces exactly the way the great masters created them.

Client; Kokuyo Camlin
Agency: R K Swamy BBDO
National Creative Director: Sangeetha N
Creative Director – Copy: Jyothi Prasad Nair
Creative Director – Art: Tapas Pal
Principal Consultant – Sarina Barretto
Brand Strategy Manager – Dharshini Kumar

Camlin Brush Pens by RK Swamy BBDO Camlin Brush Pens by RK Swamy BBDO

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