Body Type : Spec Work from Miami Ad School

About the project

Our aim is to show that perfection can take any form and how music frees us from what is considered perfect. We took what is considered perfect, Helvetica, and redesigned it for our message. With Bodytype, your body dictates the design. Users film themselves dancing to their “feel good” song and we take the movement tracking data to create a typeface that is unique to their bodies which are owned by them through copyright. Users can then spread the love and help others to love and own their Bodytypes, forging a community of confident individuals all dancing to their own rhythms in unison.

Awards and Publications
D&AD New Blood
Wood Pencil
Published in Ads of the World
Published in Campaigns of the world
Team Members
Art Director: Rose Elise Achard
Copy Writer: Adam Braun
Creative Technologist: Sukratti Jain, Paras Juneja

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