Bajaj Allianz Life Future ULIP Plan

The launch of the new ULIP plan by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance took place at St. Regis, Mumbai on 8th Jan, 2018. We had tweeted a lot about the event and its special features. We were one of the invited bloggers to attend the event organized by Bajaj.
The event started with some introduction by the host, Surprise package was Suresh Menon who told about his experiences on saving and how people act in terms of investments and different means of saving, His witty humor kept the audience well engaged Then the event was followed by a dart game amongst various bloggers
The ULIP plan focused on how you can plan for new house, child’s education, startup, business etc
About The New ULIP plan: Bajaj Allianz Life Future wealth gain is a non participating, individual, unit-linked, regular/limited premium payment endowment insurance plan which provides a cushion of security and growth to meet future financial goals.
The Event followed with a presentation by MD & CEO of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Mr. Tarun Chugh. He brief about ULIPs, Why you should aim for long-term planning, How you set goals and try to achieve them
It followed by a much detailed analysis explained by CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of the company Mr. Sampath Reddy on Bajaj’s new ULIp plan. His thoughts were well placed on the Funds performance.
1. Every ULIP plays a dual Role: Investment & Insurance
2. The Premium plays two major roles: One part gets invested in risk protection and other gets invested in generating returns.
Why are ULIPs good investment option?
1. Easy Diversification: 100% Debt to Equity Ratio & Fund asset allocation tailored to the goals
2. Long-Term Flexibility: Partial Withdrawal of money during emergency
3. Transparent Investment: Regular Portfolio disclosure

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