Anubhav Knife Store by Eleven Brand Works

Anubhav Khatri came to us with the usual client problem. ‘I want instant fame for my store but I don’t have any money.’ Given that it was a specialized knives store, we told him to not do advertising. Rather spend some money on a unique set of visiting cards, which will work as advertising for him. We presented him with the idea of visiting cards made to look like impossibly thin fruit/vegetable slices. So that , the cards would give a tactile experience of the quality of knives he was selling. A specialized store suddenly became known to a wider community and now Anubhav bBhai’s shop is the place to buy quality knives from in Agra.

Advertising Agency: ELEVEN Brandworks, Mumbai, India
Founder Director: Prateek Bhardwaj
Creative Directors: Abhishek Dey, Sambit Mishra, Virendra Tivrekar
Art Directors: Abhishek Dey, Virendra Tivrekar, Sanjog Karulkar
Copywriter: Sambit Mishra
Photographer: Satya Gaud


One thought on “Anubhav Knife Store by Eleven Brand Works

  1. Amit Kumar Bose says:

    A slice of superb strategic thinking. Bravo!

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