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Sajesh Pudussery : Interview

Sajesh Pudussery is an Art Director who started his career with Y&R, Dubai.
He currently works with FP7, Dubai.

I am from Kerala, where I did my schooling and then went to School of Arts, Thalassery (Kerala).
I love ideas, food and my wife. A lot.

Why are you into Advertising?
I’ve always loved art, beauty and scribbling.
I was doing textile design before joining Idiom in Bangalore as a graphic designer. They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but sometimes it really is greener on other side.
Soon after, I moved to Dubai and started my career as an Art Director at Y&R.


Yamaha by ADK, Gurgaon

Advertising Agency: ADK Fortune Communication Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon, India
Creative Directors: Rahul Katiyar, Tamana Virmani, Karimuddin Khan
Art Directors: Karimuddin Khan, Rahul Katiyar
Copywriter: Rahul Katiyar
Illustrator: Karimuddin Khan
Additional credit: Yatendra Johri


PK Anil Kumar : Interview

Why are you into Advertising?
One strong reason could be that it’s not rocket science.
Because I hated Physics even though I took science stream to please my parents, neighbours and pretty girls who thought arts stream was a waste bin for rejected rouges.
Somewhere I think God silently guides you to where you want to go.

And then coming from a defense back ground, I didn’t want to wear uniforms, bother about haircuts, and salute somebody only because of seniority and rather than out of respect or the persons’ merit.

From the very beginning I knew what I was good at and more importantly, what I was not good at.
Once I even asked my mathematics teacher where we would be using calculus in real life and all she said was, it’s in the syllabus, so just pay attention.

I used to sketch and paint well; I used to write poems from a very young age and was very active on stage as well. So the only place I thought where I could utilize all my talents without sacrificing or compromising on another talent would be advertising.

And I am one of those few lucky people who get paid for having fun with my hobbies.
I eat, drink, make merry and money.

And believe me, it’s been a wonderful journey so far.

Lipice by ADK

Advertising Agency: ADK Fortune Communication, India
Creative Directors: Rahul Katiyar, Tamana Virmani, Karimuddin Khan
Art Directors: Karimuddin Khan, Rahul Katiyar
Copywriter: Rahul Katiyar
Illustrator: Narender
Photographer: Karimuddin Khan
Additional credits: Yatendra Johri


Belair Health Club

Advertising Agency: Stark Communications, Kerala, India
Executive Creative Director: Shelton Pinheiro
Creative Director: Ajith Gopinath
Art Director: Nidhin Nandakumar
Copywriter: Ajith Gopinath
Illustrator: Nidhin Nandakumar


Vodafone International Calling Rates by Ogilvy Mumbai

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India
National Creative Directors: Rajiv Rao, Abhijit Avasthi
Group Creative Directors: Kainaz Karmakar, Harshad Rajadhyaksha
Art Director: Vishakha Modak
Copywriter: Kainaz Karmakar
Illustrator: Vishakha Modak

Nidhi Chanani : Illustrations


Why are you an Illustrator?
To tell a story, attempt to connect with people … I received my BA in Literature and I’ve been in love with storytelling since I first learned to read. I try to create a story that is relate-able and can make people happy.

Did you attend school for fine art or design?
I went to the Academy of Art in San Francisco for a year and a half. After receiving what I felt like was a good foundation, I dropped out. I’ve been drawing every day since.