Allianz Travel Insurance by Miami Ad School

Advertised brand: Allianz Advert title(s):  Travel Insurance Translation of headline to English:  Travel Insurance Advertising Agency :  Miami Ad School, Miami, USA Art Director: Carlos García Copywriter: Felipe Molina Illustrator: Carlos García  

Kruti Saraiya : Typography And Design

Kruti Saraiya is a graphic designer/ typographer based in Mumbai. The focus of her practice has been to

What drives creativity in your world?

We at Adobe are undertaking a survey into the importance of creativity across the Asia Pacific region. We

Vijit Gupta : Photography

Vijit is a freelance photographer based in Bombay. He loves playing with light and has been learning from

Design most often, is not considered a business. 

Tanya Khanna is the Director and Founder at Epistle Communications. Epistle is a communication consultancy providing bespoke, strategic consul ng services for architecture, design, planning and allied disciplines. Someone has famously said that architecture is a great profession and a terrible business. In today’s globalised world, markets are in constant motion and new business can

How we pushed up ‘Lead Conversion Rate’ at Langoor by 35%

By Avinash MB, Digital Marketing Leader| Ex-entrepreneur| Product Marketer| Growth Hacker | Content Marketer at Langoor Digital. One of

Creative Knot : An Illustration Company

Creative Knot is a 10 year old and well-known and recognized illustration company in India. It was founded

Arushi Sethi a.k.a feed your head : Graphic Designer, Artist

Arushi a.k.a feed your head is a passionate thinker and an artist with a psychedelic adventure in her

Swachh Bharat by Happy Creative Services

TEAM SWACHH PARTNERS WITH HAPPY FOR DESIGN Bangalore based integrated creative agency, Happy creative services, contributes two design projects to the Team Swachh initiative: Brand Logo and Identity; and the creation of a play-based school kit called the Team Swachh Action Kit. Happy won these design mandates after a massive multi-agency pitch held in Delhi

Tanya Eden : Graphic Designer /Illustrator / Visualizer

Tanya Daniel Eden is an Indian Graphic Designer /Illustrator / Visualizer from Mumbai. She graduated from Sophia Polytechnic Institute of Applied Art and Design. Tanya is a visual storyteller and believes to squabble for a social cause and to open up to issues that matter to the society, her work and personality are two different

Anti Gun PSA for AT&T by Miami Ad School

Advert title: Drop Your Weapon Campaign name: Drop Your Weapon Media: Print Industry: PSA Market: USA Language: English

Pari Purohit : Studio Glyph

A little about your outfit Studio Glyph. What do you do? Well, simply put, we provide branding and communication solutions to companies. We’re media neutral, and we prefer not to slot ourselves in the ‘advertising’ or ‘design’ buckets. We believe those lines overlap, especially in todays age, where barring the giants, not too many people