Sudeepti Tucker : Graphic Design

Sudeepti Tucker is a Delhi based Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and a recent graduate from the National Institute of Design. Her work is a lively mix of visual styles and themes that jump across music, mythology, nature and the mind. She finds herself happiest while lost in details. Why are you a Graphic Designer? When

Lightfish by Bizlift

Advertising Agency: Bizlift, India Art Director / Illustrator / Typographer: Vikas Tyagi Copywriters: Vikas Tyagi, Ishani Sarkar

Shruti Esto : Graphic and UI/UX Designer

Shruti is a Graphic Designer based in Chandigarh. She is born and brought up in Shimla and studied

Horsepower : Spec Work

Creative Director / Art Director: Ganesh Prasad Acharya Copywriter: Kunal Srivastava  

Discounted Flats by Seagull, Pune

Advertised brand: Discounted Flats Advert title(s): Gun Headline and copy text (in English): Don’t let expensive real estate kill your dream of buying a home. Advertising Agency: Seagull Advertising, Pune, India. Creative Director: Sanju Ayyar. Art Director: Shailesh Meshram Copywriter: Sanju Ayyar. Illustrator: Prasanna Dhandarphale  

Sam Mohan : Interview with a Photographer

Sam Mohan might be considered one of the most versatile photographers among his peers. He has the intrinsic

Suman Das : In A Chat With A Senior Creative Director

A bookworm, a foodie and driven by the passion for advertising he went extra miles trying his hands at possibly everything related to advertising. By profession a clinical nutritionist, he always knew he was meant for advertising.  Suman works with Wex Inc, Kolkata.   “There are so many problems – disease, hunger, poverty, racial and